Digital Lancelot Technologies

Inspiring new ways to read your Email

Combining innovative software and beautiful design, we make it easier and efficient for you to do your emails. Our software includes every email management system all in one easy to use email app. 

Our +50,000 Trusted Teams Join Over

Efficient Habits

Keep your work organized

Our email capabilities help you keep your work organized, helping you get things done faster and efficient.


Get An Attractive & Personalized Interface

Customize the layout and colors of interface like you want.

Team Effort

Understand Your Team Better To Gain More

Collaborate with your team and get things done easily and efficiently.


Simplify Your Work Flow

Get rhythm in your workflow. Our collaboration feature allows you to work with colleagues and get things done fast

How It Works

Efficient Sharing of Feedback, More Email Chains

One-on-One Meetings

Attend meeting through the collaboration feature. Share screen, documents and many more.

Form Groups

Form office or friend groups and share your stories and work.

Share with Anyone

Share documents, images, videos, and much more to anyone in the group.

“This email client would be very beneficial to younge generation believing in change and innovation.”

- Dwayne S. Martinez

( Ceo & Founder of Digital Lancelot Tehnologies)


Integrate To Better Your Work Flow

Clean View

Email is converted into a cleaner, easier to understand conversation view.

Send whenever you want

You can send an email at a later time and cancel it if you change your mind!


Just click and, automatic predictive folder archiving suggests the appropriate folders for your email.


Use any protocol

IMAP, Exchange, POP3, SMTP, Caldav, Google Contacts, Carddav, and more are all supported!

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